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A course which includes everything you need to get started homeschooling. With monthly themes such as planning, organization, homeschooling in different environments and many more useful tools and resources.

This course was created by a Nutritionist to take the confusion out of starting solids. It will give you the knowledge and support you need, to confidently make starting solids with Baby Led Weaning fun, easy & healthy!

Danielle Collins

An all natural practice that consists of non invasive facial exercises that tone local muscles, improve complexion and smooth wrinkles. A perfect set of techniques which you will find useful during your pregnancy and beyond.

Learn, with a pediatric nurse, how to feed your plant-based toddler. Know the essential nutrients that needs and how to provide them. You don’t have to be completely plant-based in order to reap the many benefits of eating more plants!

Traditionally and during centuries, postpartum food has been an important part of a woman’s recovery. Learn how to connect your modern inner woman with the traditional recipes your grandmother learnt from hers.

Whether we like it or not, welcoming a baby changes the entire organization of our homes. With a little help from the experts, you will be able to transition smoothly into your new lifestyle.

Video Guide created by a Speech Language Pathologist. With this course you will learn the bases to teach your children to speak at home. It Includes some resources in pdf to facilitate learning.

A tool providing a road map which will allow you to get to the point where you feel are thriving with your child’s unique homeschooling journey day after day.

Dr. Cathryn Tobin

We often neglect how important the first months are to a baby’s development. With the help and advice of a renowned Pediatrician, you will learn all you need to know about your baby from birth to 3 months.

Andrea Olson

A guide on how to deal with your children’s waste. As a diapering culture, parents rely on them blindly within the first months of their children’s lives. However, can potty learning  be possible as early as your baby’s birth?

Learn the fundamentals of potty training that every parent needs to know to achieve the coveted goal of diaper-freedom. This online program walks you through how to make your own custom potty training plan.

Created by a Homeschool Coach, this tool includes a user-friendly editable master list to hold your resources for the year. Also a chart to build a weekly timetable. Know what’s next and easily keep record your child’s daily work.  

Ayelet Marinovich

A week-by-week activity guide to playing with your baby from birth up to 12 months. Help develop his cognitive, communicative, motor, social and, emotional skills through enriching activities.

Ayelet Marinovich

A month-by-month guide to play with your toddler from ages 1 to 3 years. It offers an enrichment curriculum with activities to support your child’s development in the areas of cognitive, communicative, motor, and emotional development.

The Inspired Treehouse

Learn about baby and child development with a team of Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapists. This eBook includes over 100 activity suggestions organized by age range.

This fully packed guide, created by a Registered Midwife, will tell you all you need to know about breastfeeding so that you are prepared for all aspects of feeding. Discover the secrets for successful breastfeeding.

Learn to massage your baby with a Relax Kids Coach and Doula. Baby massages create an important bond with your baby and can be very beneficial for your child’s health avoiding colics. This course also includes an eBook.

Inside this eBook you’ll find unique strategies & advice to help guide you through this “picky” phase of toddlerhood. It will provide you with all the tools you need for parenting a picky eater. No more dinnertime battles!

Many of us have fancy cameras, but still struggle to take creative shots. Learn to stop feeling overwhelmed and start using the manual mode, lighting, and composition and capture your kids personalities and smiles.

Nearly 50% of couples who become parents end up getting divorced. Do you know what really happens when you actually start a family? How do you plan to keep the fire burning within the relationship?

A postpartum doula takes you step-by-step through this comprehensive baby-moon workshop. Customize the perfect 15-day postpartum self-care plan! This e-course comes with a 28-page printable workbook that includes planning tools and more!

Rachael Hollinger

Overcome postpartum with ancient food as medicine. As you cook, you will learn how to replenish and rebuild what you have lost during birth, as well as to fortify your body for the breastfeeding journey ahead.

Jessica Penner & Nita Sharda

Ebook, created by Registered Dietitians, filled with 25 whole food recipes for starting your baby on solids. You’ll find both finger foods and pureed textures.The recipes are iron-rich and free of refined sugar.  

Watkins Wisdom Academy

Pregnancy, and then parenthood, can be stressful. Many parents are caught between their old lives and this exiting although life changing new chapter of their lives. Meditation is an excellent escape to reduce stress.

Parents prepare every tiny detail, before their new baby’s arrival, and somehow forget the importance of acquiring a few CPR basics. Learn how to recognize an emergency on time and be able to correctly react in order to prevent accidents.

Being a mom is more than learning breastfeeding tips, dealing with postpartum depression or losing weight after pregnancy. It is all those things too, of course – but with a huge dash of realism, tranquility and wit all mixed in.

Jenna Brown

Inclusive Functional Movement, Rest, and Breath Practices for Pre-Conception, Pregnancy and Postpartum. You will have access to 5 hours of video content created by a doula, educator, and movement instructor.     

The little baby in your bump is more aware than you might think. They hear you and feel your emotions. Discover how to create a natural bond during pregnancy with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Aditi Loveridge

Loosing a child, whether it is a miscarriage or the loss of a baby, is a traumatic experience. In this course a Certified Coach & Healing Practitioner helps you reconnect with trust and love and move beyond anxiety and fear.

Angela Chang of MOMtessori Life

Take at your own pace e-course created by a Montessori Infant and toddler Teacher. With it you will learn how you can apply the Montessori values to your everyday life. Set your child up for success by promoting independence.

Implementing positive communication strategies that involve more than words and tone. It is attitude, body language and actions responsive to children’s needs.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

An award-winning documentary directed by a Childbirth Educator, Doula and Doula instructor. It reveals the emotional, spiritual, and physical heights attainable through birth. Witness the intimate experiences of 7 women and their partners.

In a world ruled by technology, we sometimes forget the use of those ingredients that have been among us for millennia. Essentials oils are an amazing tool in so many occasions. Here, you can learn how to use them correctly.

Fiona Weaver

This eBook is an evidence-based, easy to read and use, informative resource for mothers of babies. It offers guidance and practical tools for how to recognise and understand your baby’s needs based on their temperament.

Power Thoughts by Natalie Costa

Help your child move from overwhelm to calm in three easy steps. This fun and practical course is jam-packed with tools to help your child dissolve away their worries. Make your children feel calmer and empowered.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Are you missing the intimacy you had with your partner since having a baby? Has your sex life simply vanished? With this ebook you will learn how to be the best parent while remaining the best lover.

Chelsea Skaggs

A tool for mothers who wish to understand the true impact that birth and early motherhood can have on their romantic relationships. Learn how to find your confidence once again and thrive in this new chapter of your life.

Lauren Manaker

Evidence-based guide for men who are trying to conceive, regardless of whether they have fertility challenges. This guide, written by an award-winning registered dietitian, provides nutrition and lifestyle guidance for men.  

Course created by a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. It will help you to overcome the stress of infertility in your journey to parenthood. Learn skills to thrive now rather than waiting for your baby to bring you peace.

Learn how to prepare simple, quick, family-friendly dinner recipes you can cook up in 10 minutes! This eBook contains 26 unique recipes. It also includes kitchen staple ideas to keep on-hand, and tips for how to cook quickly and efficiently.

Jennifer Friedman

Ebook created by a Dietitian specialized in feeding therapy for children with ASD. With it you will learn practical solutions for expanding your child’s diet. Know how you can modify mealtimes and increase your child’s interest in new foods.

Samantha Carrick

With this eBook you will learn everything you need to know about letters, letter sounds, and handwriting. You will be able to successfully guide children on their learning journey in a simple, fun, and effective way! 

Mandy Roberson

An online birth program created by a certified childbirth educator: learn how to prepare for birth, manage discomforts during labor, avoid unnecessary interventions and kick ass during your first weeks of parenthood.

Marley Hall

Scared? Or just want to have everything ready for the big moment? A Registered Midwife will teach you all the knowledge you need in order to prepare for a positive birth experience as you bring your baby into the world.

This course, created by a Physical Therapist, covers all the phases of a cesarean recovery. Create a healthy environment for healing, scar mobilization, recommended activity restrictions, and safe ways to return to exercice and sex.

Course created by a Breastfeeding Counsellor and IBCLC. In this course you will find guidance and support throughout your breastfeeding journey, as well as safe information based on up to date research.  

Pelvic Pain affects 1 in 5 women. This eBook is a resource to educate and support everyone going through their own pelvic pain or chronic illness journey. Learn how to love your pelvis and take control of your health.

Juliana Ong

Discover the secrets of how to help your children learn effortlessly through everyday play and everyday life. Course created by a Parent Play Coach specialized in teaching parents to effectively engage with their children.

A printable workbook to walk parents through the process of getting started in homeschooling. With it you will learn everything you need to know to make Homeschooling work for you and your children.

Beth McDonough

Created by a Certified Stepfamily Coach, this eBook is a guide for the caring stepparent. Learn now everything you need to know about boundaries in order to create a happier, healthier and stronger home.

Conscious Parenting Masterclass. This type of revolutionary parenting is all about getting underneath the surface of our triggers as parents to discover and heal the root cause and shifting our perspectives on parenting.

Positive Discipline Masterclass. This type of parenting is all about getting underneath the surface of our child’s misbehaviors to discover and find solutions at the root of the issues and creating a shift in our perspectives on parenting.

“Hygge”: a Danish word with no literal translation, which could be defined as “intentionally created intimacy”. It is a fundamental concept for the Danish sense of well-being and slowly becoming a global phenomenon too.

A course for parents who are ready to begin their journey as allies and raise antiracist children. Learn how to begin a dialogue with your children about race and equity.  

Morgan Cutlip

This course, created by a PhD in Psychology, will explore the mental load: what it is, how it impacts your relationship, and what couples can do about it. It includes video lessons and downloadable worksheets.

Carol Tuttle

A Best-selling author shows you how your children give you the solutions to your biggest parenting challenges. By using this simple but unique approach, you’ll be able to motivate your child without a fight and build a more harmonious relationship.

20 beautiful and inspiring birth affirmation printable cards. Each card includes positive birthing mantras and quotes. It also includes 3 blank cards so you can create your own affirmations. Bring calm and awareness to your birthing preparations.

Karissa Whitman

With this eBook you will learn to understand the changes, physical and emotional, that your body will experience after birth. It is a complete guide which helps you to prepare for postpartum. Don’t fear the postpartum, get ready!    

Often neglected, the fourth trimester is as important as pregnancy. Learn how to overcome the stress of labour and help your body and mind recover from birth and pregnancy.

This journal is a useful tool that will allow you to take some of the stress the 4th trimester brings. Take control of your postpartum by being organized and keep all details under record. Make easily transition into new motherhood.

Jenn McLean

Ebook created by a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. Learn what to expect from your new babe, and how to implement gentle strategies to foster safe, healthy, independent sleep habits for the future.

A gentle, attachment based start to healthy sleep habits without any sleep training. Covering everything from what to expect early on, what normal infant sleep looks like, setting your baby up for optimal nighttime sleep.

Real, inspiring and heart-warming stories from nursing mothers who reveal the realities of breastfeeding. Find encouragement and support along your breastfeeding journey, for however long you choose. Perfect for moms seeking a supportive experience, you are not alone!

Mary Ellen Phipps

Prepare healthy, affordable meals in advance and keep them in your freezer for those crazy days or times when you just don’t feel like cooking. This eBook provides complete step by step instructions and grocery lists to prepare 50 meals.

This meal plan focuses on 26 essential nutrients. With it, you can prepare a full 7-day menu with nutrient-dense meals, balanced with micronutrients. Perfect for a healthy growing body and mind.

Teach your children invaluable skills that promote social and emotional growth and success at home and beyond. See effective results in confidence, empowerment and increased self-esteem for parents and children.

Recorded sessions from health experts to help pregnant women get ready for labour and the postpartum period. It will reduce their anxiety and overwhelm by increasing their knowledge on: pelvic floor, child birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, mental health and baby sleep.

This ebook will help you to take advantage of the opportunities for love, joy, and connection that present within our homes throughout the seasons of the year. For each month you will find ten thoughts, activities, or challenges.

Learn with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist how to improve your recovery and return to exercise after having a baby. This video series are ideal to watch in late pregnancy and / or early after birth.

Do you get stuck when posing Parents with newborns? This mini course will provide you two videos showing Parent Posing. It also includes guides of sample session images and a third guide with additional Parent Posing Samples.

Vanessa Ravalico

Through this course, you may learn how to promote the discovery and proper relation of your toddler and the different aspects of the world which surrounds him/her.

Chrysta Horwedel

This eBook is a holistic approach from a step-mom to other step-moms. Created in the spirit of helping them through this unique, though and peculiar journey. Reclaim, now, your happiness, confidence, and self-worth.

Mommy Academy : Adrienne, SLP

Learn with a Speech-Language Pathologist how to talk to your baby from day one to start building language skills. You will learn 25 verbal routines and songs that you can easily build into your day.  

Hannah Hardy-Jones

The Kite Program is a journey during which the smallest steps can initiate huge changes. It is an an app that provides a private, manageable and practical program for all kinds of mums around the entire world.

Chelsea Bodie & Caitlin Slavens

Excellent guides compilation created by Registered Psychologists. In it you will find information about: Tantrums,  Bedtime and Screen Time for Tired Parents. It also includes a Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health Coping Plan.  

Learn how to create simple, beautiful photographs of your baby using just your phone. In this eBook, a Photographer will teach you the best tips to get amazing pictures. Start creating lovely memories of your children’s first months.  

Kim Vopni

This eBook will cover how to use the principle of specificity to train your body for birth.  It explores the pelvic floor, core anatomy and function, and targeted exercises for pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Lara Hocheiser

A course which will prepare parents, educators, yoga instructors, and enrichment professionals alike to do yoga with young children in educational settings. A perfect sport to teach the younger ones

Three conscious parenting workbooks based on positive parenting principles. Learn exercises that will help you uncover the reasons behind mindsets and habits that create a toxic or punitive environment.

Kegel Mojo is like a user’s guide to pelvic floor fitness.  You will learn the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor; what some of the more common symptoms mean, and what you can do about them.

An online yoga session, taught by a Yoga instructor and Certified Childbirth Educator. During the class, she will guide you through optimal poses for every stage of pregnancy. It will help you to achieve a great birth.  

Maryanne Moodie

Crafts can be a good way to spend time with your family. With this course you will learn Fiber Sculpture techniques to create jewellery, ornaments, gift toppers, fashion accessories and more. Enjoy it!

This Guide contains everything you need to know for a healthy vegan pregnancy. It will help you understand what to eat to boost fertility and during each trimester to grow a healthy and strong baby. Enjoy your vegan pregnancy!  

Essential oils are a wonderful, all natural way to support your little one’s physical, emotional, and environmental health. Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils on babies and kids to care for their most common concerns.