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All the courses and ebooks that you will see below are included in the Bundle. You can see the regular price of each of them.
If you bought all the content separately it would cost around US$ 5,000! Now, just for one week you can have it all for only US$ 79.99!

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The Camera Academy for Moms by Kristen Duke – Regular Price: 97 USD
Family Posing with Newborns by Ana Brandt – Regular Price: 75 USD
DIY Newborn Photography by Cheyenne Schultz – Regular Price: 30 USD


Decluttering and Setting Up Toddler Play Spaces by Sarah Adams – Regular Price: 29 USD
Environmental Focus by Vanessa Ravalico – Regular Price: 85 USD
How to play with your baby: from birth to 3 months by Dr. Cathryn Tobin – Regular Price: 18 USD


Early Language, Speech at Home by Lindsey Nitake – Regular Price: 60 USD
Ways to enrich your learning at home experience by Leslie Martino – Regular Price: 47 USD
How to talk to your baby from day 1 by Mommy Academy : Adrienne, SLP – Regular Price: 79 USD
Authentic Learning eCourse by Juliana Ong – Regular Price: 147 USD
All about Letters by Samantha Carrick – Regular Price: 30 USD
The Kite Program by Hannah Hardy-Jones – Regular Price: 58.83 USD*
– Fiber Sculpture Course by Maryanne Moodie – Regular Price: 25 USD


– Montessori Parenting e-course by Angela Chang from Momtessori– Regular Price: 35 USD
Boundaries Basics by Beth McDonough – Regular Price: 29.99 USD
CAPES of Conscious Parenting + 5 keys of Positive Discipline by Vibha Arora– Regular Price: 100 USD
Finding Balance: Holistic Support for Sensitive Stepmoms by Chrysta Horwedel – Regular Price: 22 USD
Implementing Montessori communication strategies at home to encourage cooperation by Margaret Beagle – Regular Price: 25 USD
Hygge: the secret to Happiness in the Classroom by Jessica Alexander – Regular Price: 30 USD
Intentional Parenting Workbook by Yolanda Williams – Regular Price: 89 USD
The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle  – Regular Price: 24.95 USD
For Moms who Want to be Allies: Talking to your Kids about Racism by Traci Baxley– Regular Price: 97 USD
Intentional House by Month: A Seasonal Guide to Family Connection at Home by Carly Thornock – Regular Price: 6.99 USD
How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset for Your Kids by Fallyn Smith– Regular Price: 20 USD


Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planning Tool by Min Hwang – Regular Price: 44.95 USD
Homeschool With Confidence by Serena Ryan – Regular Price: 47 USD
1 Yr Membership to Other Goose (Bonus) by Erin Loechner – Regular Price: 99 USD
How to get started with Homeschool by Sarah Leininger – Regular Price:14.99 USD


The Mother Load by Morgan Cutlip – Regular Price: 127 USD
Love After Baby: From Conflict to Connection by Sheina Schochet – Regular Price:  297 USD
Sex after Baby by Debra Pascali-Bonaro – Regular Price: 9.99 USD
Back in the Sack by Chelsea Skaggs – Regular Price: 147 USD


Fueling Male Fertility by Lauren Manaker – Regular Price: 10.99 USD
The Peace (In) Fertility Program by Cathie Quillet – Regular Price: 147 USD


Breathe Easy by Jenna Brown – Regular Price: 116.92 USD
Pregnancy After Loss by Aditi Loveridge – Regular Price: 73.85 USD*
Prenatal bonding eCourse by Gina Janc – Regular Price: 129 USD
Birth Prep by Mandy Roberson– Regular Price: 297 USD
Getting Ready for Labour Masterclass by Kristy Manners– Regular Price: 97 USD
Prepare To Push eBook by Kim Vopni – EXTRA!
Positive Birth Affirmation Cards (Printable) Best Birth Co. – Regular Price: 10.78 USD*
Orgasmic Birth Video by Debra Pascali-Bonaro – Regular Price: 14.99 USD
Birth Like a Pro by Marley Hall – Regular Price: 37 USD


New Mom Postpartum Guide  +  Postpartum Recovery Journal by Karissa Whitman – Regular Price: 36 USD
Special Considerations After Cesarean Delivery by Nicole Bringer – Regular Price: 29 USD
The First Six Weeks video series by Taryn Watson – Regular Price: 14.99 USD
The Fourth Trimester Short Course by Abby Burd – Regular Price: 19 USD
How to Plan a Postpartum Baby-Moon and LOVE Your 4th Trimester by Karen Kostohris – Regular Price: 37 USD


Infant / Child CPR, Choking and Injury Prevention by Holly Choi – Regular Price: 65 USD
Potty Training Doesn’t Have to Stink by Allison Jandu – Regular Price: 479 USD
Newborn sleep by Jenn McLean – Regular Price: 82,31 USD*
Go Diaper Free eBook by Andrea Olson– Regular Price: 37 USD
Breastfeeding Basics Course by Lucy Ruddle – Regular Price: 22.31 USD*
Newborn Sleep Foundations by Alicia Dyson – Regular Price: 100 USD
Understanding Your Baby + Understanding Your Toddler by Ayelet Marinovich – Regular Price: 36 USD
Baby Temperament by Fiona Weaver – Regular Price: 18.79 USD*
Developmental Milestones Handbook by The Inspired Treehouse – Regular Price: 14.99 USD
Breastfeeding Our Babies by Ana Taney – Regular Price: 12.99 USD
All you need to know about Breastfeeding by Marley Hall – Regular Price: 10 USD
The Calm Mama Baby Massage Course by Jo Bealey – Regular Price: 62.87 USD*


NOURIS(her) E-Cookbook by Rachael Hollinger – Regular Price: 30 USD
Vegan Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition Guide by Claire Power – Regular Price: 169 USD
Conquering Picky Eating: Practical Solutions for Expanding Your Child’s Diet by Jennifer Friedman – Regular Price: 22,99 USD
Feeding plant based toddlers by Heidi Masanga – Regular Price: 18.99 USD
How to Cook For Postpartum by Sophie Ward – Regular Price: 299 USD
Solid Steps to Baby-led Weaning by Jennifer House – Regular Price: 36.2 USD*
Practical Solutions for Picky Eaters by Marla Lind – Regular Price: 10 USD
10 minute dinners ebook by Brittney Hanks – Regular Price: 12 USD
Freezer Cooking Ebook by Mary Ellen Phipps – Regular Price: 15 USD
Whole Food Recipes for Your Baby by Jessica Penner & Nita Sharda – Regular Price: 11.08 USD*
7 Day Perfect Plant-Based Meal Plan for Kids by Monika Dykas – Regular Price: 29.99 USD


How to manage the worries by Natalie Costa– Regular Price: 59.24 USD*
The Happy Stay-at-Home Mom: How to Look and Feel Amazing after Having your Baby by Sara Gaviria – Regular Price: 6.99 USD
The Mama Psychologists Selection by Chelsea Bodie & Caitlin Slavens – Regular Price: 100 USD


Face Yoga by Watkins Wisdom Academy – Regular Price: 34.99 USD
Essential oils for Mom by Marley Hall – Regular Price: 10 USD
Mindful Beginnings by Lara Hocheiser – Regular Price: 99 USD
Prenatal yoga class by Debra Flashenberg – Regular Price: 30 USD
The Ultimate Pelvic Health Roadmap eBook by The Happy Pelvis – Regular Price: 29.99 USD
Kegel Mojo Program by Kim Vopni – Regular Price: 197 USD
Essential Wellness For Littles by Jacquelyn Hunt  – Regular Price: 47 USD
Meditation by Watkins Wisdom Academy – Regular Price: 49.99 USD

* The original price of the course is in another currency, this is the conversion to USD on 21/08/2020, the exchange rate fluctuates so it can change.